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Car Tint Information Fully Detailed In Article by ISeeCars

A recently published article in ISeeCars detailed a great deal of car tint information we thought you would be interested in. The article begins by detailing all the great things that window tint can do in addition to looks. It says the following:

Tinted windows aren’t just for aesthetics. They serve several functions that include blocking dangerous UV rays to protect passengers and reduce wear on the car’s interior materials, adding increased privacy, and keeping a car cool. What’s more is that the tinting film can act in the same manner as safety glass, keeping the window from spraying shards everywhere in the event of an accident.

Car Tint Information Fully Detailed In Article by ISeeCarsThe article also discusses the different types of automotive window tint available. As technology has advanced, so has window tint. From basic dyed and metal hybrid window tint, to the latest generations of carbon and ceramic films, there is a wide selection of products to fit nearly any need. We would be happy to discuss all the various options so you can determine what level would be best to meet your needs and your budget.

The article continues by addressing the issue of local vehicle window tint laws. The article states “If a window tint is too dark, it can hinder visibility, particularly at night. That’s why each state has different laws that dictate how much tinting is allowed on each window. These window tint laws include the percentage of light allowed in, which is also known as Visible Light Transmission. Local laws can also include how many inches of the windshield can legally be tinted.

To learn more about the specific window tint laws throughout the United States and Canada, visit the handy page located HERE. To read the entire article at ISeeCars, click HERE.

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